Visible Wireless Review – $25/mo for unlimited everything!

I have been using Visible Wireless for almost 2 years now. This is my detailed review of Visible Wireless and also about my personal experience of having used their service in different cities over the years.

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Visible wireless review

Visible wireless is powered by Verizon. It comes with 5G and includes unlimited data (including unlimited hotspot data), minutes, and messages. The unlimited data is truly unlimited and that has been my favorite part. It is also a no-contract month-to-month payment carrier. That means if you are unhappy with the service, you can switch to another wireless provider and won’t have to pay anything.

I have been using cellphone for 8 years now and I have always preferred underdog low-cost no-contract wireless carriers over the giants like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon. The giant carriers charge a lot more per month, do not necessarily provide better service, and you are stuck with annual contracts when you use their service. Meanwhile the no-contract plan providers like Visible provide the same service at lower monthly cost, no annual commitment requirements and ability to use your own unlocked device with them. Over the years I have used Republic Wireless, Cricket, Google Fi, and now Visible. Visible has been the best one hands down.

Visible Wireless Review

My personal rating for Visible Wireless is a 10/10. I use an iPhone 13 mini and I get 5G coverage in almost all the places. In the suburbs where 5G isn’t available, I get LTE. The wireless speed is on average 50Mbps and sometimes I have seen it cross 200+Mbps in some parts of downtown. That is more than enough for anything. I have attached some SpeedTest results below for you. Your mileage may vary but if Verizon works well in your area, Visible will work as well. With over 99% of the U.S. population covered, there’s not many places Verizon’s networks haven’t been…yet.

Wireless Plans – Unlimited everything for $25/mo

Visible Wireless has only 1 plan — unlimited everything. Their website will show you that it costs $40/mo but if you join a group plan (called Party Pay), the final cost becomes $25/mo. The group plan doesn’t require members to live in the same household. My party pay group includes friends (and their friends) from all over the US. Because my party pay group has 3+ members in it, everyone in my group only pays $25/mo and gets unlimited everything: unlimited 5G cellular data as blazing fast speeds, unlimited hotspot data at ~10Mbps, unlimited calling minutes and unlimited texts all over US, Canada and Mexico.

3 members in Party Pay group = $15 OFF for each member = $40 – $15 = $25/mo
2 members in Party Pay group = $10 OFF for each member = $40 – $10 = $30/mo
1 member in Party Pay group = $5 OFF for each member = $40 – $5 = $35/mo

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The group is public and any Visible customer can join it to get the discount benefits. The best part about Visible Party Pay group is that even though it is a group, each member pays their bill independently instead of through a central member. Each member also has separate login and nobody in the group can see the details of other group members. Visible also does not have a limit on the number of members that can join a single group. As long as there are 3 members, everyone gets $15 OFF their monthly cost. PLUS, if you choose to use my referral code, both you and I will get 1 month of service for $5/mo. You can stack these two offers. Which means when you sign up on Visible using someone’s referral code, you only have to pay $5/mo for your first month. Then you join a Party Pay group once you activate your service and you only have to pay $25/mo from the second month and onwards. That’s what I did. 🙂

Visible Wireless Coverage and Data Speed

I regularly get around 100Mbps data speed in my area. Here’s some snapshot of various speedtests I have done over the past several weeks. These speeds are phenomenal! For comparision, 5Mbps is enough to browse internet, Facetime video call or upload TikToks and Instagram reels. Visible gives me more speed than I need. I have no complaints. 😂

visible wireless speedtest

According to Visible, this is their coverage map. Basically the rule of thumb is if Verizon has good service in your area then Visible wireless will work equally well! 🙂

Visible wireless coverage map

Hotspot Speed with Visible Wireless

Visible Wireless allows you to create wi-fi hotspot using your cellphone’s hotspot feature. They do not limit the amount of data you consume so the hotspot is unlimited GB of data. On their website I believe they mention that the hotspot speed may be capped at 5Mbps however in my experience I have not faced that limitation. This is my result from the hotspot I created last time. I was consistently getting 10Mbps or more in hotspot wi-fi speed while inside a moving bus. Hotspot can come handy when you need to use internet on your other devices like iPad or laptop when you are outside.

Visible wireless hotspot speed

Visible Wireless Activation

If you want to start using Visible and get the best available discount i.e. pay only $25/mo for unlimited everything plan then sign up using my referral link to get your first month for just $5. They will ship you your SIM card (or eSIM) and you will only pay $5 for the first month. Next, either join our existing party pay group mentioned above or create your own group consisting of 3+ Visible members in order to only pay $25/mo going forward. That’s because being in a group offers incremental discount — each group member gets additional discount every month. It’s a win-win!

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions or concerns. I will be happy to help. Cheers!

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