Zipcar Referral Bonus: Use my link for free $25 Zipcar credits!

When you sign up using my Zipcar referral link, you will receive $25 in Zipcar credits for free. You can use that $25 credit towards your Zipcar rides, even the first ride. It’s a win-win situation because I will also receive $25 in my account after you complete your first Zipcar ride.

For free $25 in Zipcar driving credits, sign up using my referral link. You will receive $25 as soon as your Zipcar account is activated. I will also receive $25. It’s a win-win for both.

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What is a Zipcar?

Zipcar is the most popular ride sharing rental service. It has expanded a lot in the past few years and is available in many cities around the world.

According to their own website, they say “Zipcar is the world’s largest car sharing service, giving you convenient access to vehicles located in cities, airports and campuses all over the world. Simply reserve cars by the hour or day, all for one low rate.”

How do I get the $25 Zipcar referral credit?

Zipcar signup $25 referral


You will get the $25 credit in your Zipcar account when you sign up using the referral link mentioned above. As soon as your account is approved and you activate your zipcard, the $25 will be added to your account. It will be used towards your rides — even the first ride. For instance, if you rent a car that costs $8/hr for 5 hours, the total cost should be $40. However you will be charged only $15 and the receipt will reflect that your $25 referral signup credit was used towards that ride.

Of course if your ride was less than $25, the remaining balance will be saved in your account for future rides.

How can I refer my friends to Zipcar?Zipcar referral signup credit

Getting the $25 Zipcar Sign up bonus

Once you are an active member of the Zipcar community, you can login to your account and get your own personalized referral link. You can share that link among your circle and get people to sign up. For every new customer that you introduce, Zipcar will give you and the new customer each, $25 in ride credits. So if you know you’ll be using Zipcar in the future, get started! Sign up now and get your own referral link to share among your network. It is a win-win situation because the Zipcar sign up bonus of $25 credits is awarded each to you and the friend who signs up, separately! Both parties get $25 each.

Is Zipcar worth it?

Yes, if you do not want to own your own car. Owning your own car can be a lot of hassle. Especially in big cities where the parking issues are abundant, Zipcar makes a lot of sense. If you are a college student Zipcar is a lot cheaper because they waive the application fee and yearly membership cost is only $15/year. For others, it depends upon the city and membership types. Overall though, Zipcar gives you the privileges of having a car without actually owning it.

Gas and insurance are covered on every trip and you get 180 free miles on each trip (per 24 hours period). So if you rent for 2 days, you get 180X2 = 360 miles that you can drive. Additional mile is 45 cents/mile. But if you really want to rent for a super long trip, you would rather try Enterprise or Avis rental services. Zipcar is meant to run quick errands in and around the city. In those cases I believe it is 100% worth it.

Notes about $25 Zipcar Referral Bonus

When you are about to sign up for Zipcar using my referral link, you will notice upfront where it will show something like “+ a $25 bonus credit will be applied to your account.” That is how you know that the referral has been successful. If you sign up on a mobile device, that notice might be hidden but the referral bonus will still be applied in terms of promo code.

The surest way to tell that the referral bonus was applied is the note at the bottom when you are about to finish up your application. The image attached shows that message in a red marked circle. Note that I signed up as a University affiliate so my first year cost is $15 and my application fee was waived. Different people will have different fee depending upon the type of membership chosen. However the driving credit will be $25 for all. Once you see that message, as soon as your account is approved, the $25 driving credit will be available under billing > invoice > credits.

Zipcar alternatives

As mentioned, there are some good alternatives to Zipcar like Avis, Enterprise, Hertz, etc. You can always count on Uber promo code or Lyft promo code if you are only trying to get from point A to point B and do not have much stuffs to carry around. All those promo codes give you free discount on rides!

In the end, if you do not have a car, Zipcar fills the void and gives you with all the options that your personal car would have given. Feel free to sign up using my referral link in order to get $25 signup bonus if you do decide to sign up. All the best and happy car sharing!

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