TaxAct Promo Code: 20% Off on all federal filing products

Apply this TaxAct promo code for 20% OFF

Signup using my referral link aka TaxAct promo code and get 20% discount on federal filing products. TaxAct is a user-friendly tax filing application and helps you file your tax returns online. Get the maximum tax refund you can get when you use TaxAct to file.

I just filed my taxes with TaxAct! It was quick and easy, and the software is covered by TaxAct’s $100k Accuracy Guarantee! Have you filed your taxes yet? If not, I can get you 20% off TaxAct’s federal filing products if you use this link. As a bonus, I’m eligible for a reward when you file too. Check it out!

Apply this TaxAct promo code for 20% OFF

When you use that link to open TaxAct, you will have access to the discounted product page. It will look like this:

TaxAct promo code: 20% Off

Why choose TaxAct?

TaxAct®, founded in 1998, is a leading provider of affordable digital and download tax preparation solutions for individuals, business owners and tax professionals. Our flagship product, TaxAct, provides the highest degree of accuracy and is designed by in-house programmers and tax accountants. All forms are IRS and State approved.

Building Confidence One Return at a Time

Our mission is to empower people to navigate the complexities of tax and finance with ease and accuracy at a fair price. We accomplish this by offering a comprehensive suite of online, download and mobile solutions to make DIY tax filing fast, easy and affordable for individuals and small business owners. As a testament to our commitment to helping business owners, TaxAct provides the only online product for small and medium businesses. In addition, we count thousands of professional tax return preparers as customers. TaxAct Professional Editions help tax professionals streamline workflows so they can complete more client returns in less time. Tax professionals save money by paying only for what they need with the flexible price and packaging options available from TaxAct.

Exactly What You Need, For Less

TaxAct’s suite of tax preparation products provide easy and comprehensive step-by-step guidance to help tax filers complete their taxes – and get the best possible result – without paying a premium price. TaxAct provides a personalized experience and products built to grow with tax filers as their tax situation evolves. From first-time filers to those who have been doing taxes for years, TaxAct provides the tools and resources to prepare and file both simple and complex returns. Backed by its long-standing accuracy, maximum refund, price lock (online), satisfaction (online) and money-back (desktop) guarantees, TaxAct empowers filers to confidently complete their returns, for less. TaxAct is the best deal in tax.


I hope if you decide to use TaxAct that you’ll consider using my referral link. That way you will get 20% discount on all your online federal filing orders. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the service in the comment section below. Happy tax filing!

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