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Save 25% HomeDNA provides easy at-home DNA testing. Use this HomeDNA promo code for 25% discount on your purchase. Pinpoint your ancestry with GPS Origins DNA Test – better than any other test available. Results are accurate to the town or village. You’ll get 25% OFF with my HomeDNA promo code. Includes free shipping!

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What is HomeDNA?

Empowering you with valuable information contained in your own DNA.

HomeDNA makes easy, at-home genetic testing accessible and affordable. Whether exploring your family ancestry, taking the guesswork out of skincare, or better managing your weight, HomeDNA provides the answers you seek. Gain new insights into yourself, improve your quality of life, and have fun making new discoveries. You’re busy—we get it—that’s why you can find HomeDNA™ at a store near you or buy online 24/7 with Free Shipping all the time. Collecting your DNA is so easy—just use a simple cheek swab, drop in a mailbox (the postage is on us, of course), and we’ll take care of the rest. Our laboratory team (yes, we really are the lab, unlike other DNA companies) will email you when your sample arrives. We also notify you when results are posted to your secure online account. Worried about your private information? Don’t be—we never (ever, ever) sell your DNA results to third parties, and we destroy your DNA sample (unlike others that store it forever). Test assured and rest assured with HomeDNA.

Products offered by HomeDNA

These are the services offered by HomeDNAHomeDNA Healthy Weight

Use the knowledge of genetics to maintain a healthy weight.

HomeDNA Skin Care

Use the knowledge of genetics to better care for your skin.

HomeDNA Ancestry

Pinpoint your ancestry and find out where you belong on the map of the world. Results are very accurate and can point out to specific village or town. See more about their proprietary GPS origins below.

HomeDNA Paternity

Get paternity tests result within 1 day! DNA kits are provided and shipping is already covered.

HomeDNA coupon code

About GPS Origins

GPS Origins is a revolutionary DNA test for ancestry that takes you deep into your family history. Most ancestry tests provide a report of your “ethnicity” and locate parts of your DNA in broad continental sweeps, but nothing specific, not even to the country level. GPS Origins combines the latest genetic research with a new ancestral tracking technique to pinpoint more precisely where your DNA began. From a simple mouth swab, the GPS Origins test analyzes over 800,000 markers from your DNA to pinpoint your maternal and paternal origins.

What Makes GPS Origins Unique?

The ability to trace a person’s DNA signature going back 1,000 years or more. The DNA migration routes for both the paternal and maternal ancestors. A level of specificity that no other ancestry test can replicate: Results provide pinpoint geographical-location information – sometimes to within a radius of 20 miles – by identifying genetic coordinates, much like a car’s navigation system Knowledge about previously-unknown geographical areas in a person’s DNA history, which opens up new possibilities for genealogical research. A personalized report that: identifies the gene pools and ancestral communities that contributed significant portions of a person’s genetic make-up, detailed stories about where and how a person’s ancestors lived, interactive migration-route maps for a person’s DNA, including date stamps and historical events.

I hope you made use of the promo code for HomeDNA. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends because they can also save 25% when they use this code on their purchase. Lastly, feel free to share your knowledge and reviews about HomeDNA in the comments section below.

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When you open the referral link it will lead you to an exclusive page of Cricket Wireless. The referral page can only be reached through someone’s valid referral link. Once you are on that page, you will see something similar in the screenshot below.

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How to redeem $25 referral credit on Cricket?

I will write a Cricket Wireless review in a separate post someday. This blog post is just to share some of the Cricket referral rewards code that I have. I have a bunch of them and each will give you (a new customer to Cricket) $25. However 1 customer can only use 1 credit code per phone number. The credits take about 2 weeks to show up in your Cricket account but they do arrive. Once in your account, you can use them towards your next Cricket bill.

Redeeming Cricket Rewards Code

Overall Cricket Wireless has a great coverage as I have had no problems visiting different parts of the country. It is a sister company of At&T and they have a very reliable coverage so it is understandable that Cricket as well has great network.

You can bring your own phone when you move to Cricket Wireless. Make sure they are unlocked. Cricket does not do contract plans. All phones are unlocked and the benefit is that you will not be locked in to their network. If you wish to leave someday, you are free to leave. This goes on to show how much Cricket Wireless trusts on their good service. Because of the affordable phone plans, plenty of 4G LTE data and then unlimited plans, the benefits are awesome. Those are some of the reasons why I have stayed with Cricket for so long.

Cricket has a lot of plans but you can look it up on their website. The best deal I have found personally is to sign up for the $40/mo plan and join a group of 5 people. You can join group of less than 5 also but the maximum discount is when the group is full which is 5 people group. If you have friends you can create that group among yourself and the benefit is you get 4GB LTE, unlimited text/call for $20/mo (including tax) per person. This is because with group save you save $100/mo when the group is full. Where else can you get that good of a deal?

How to Refer a Friend

  1. Tap Refer in the bottom. (You’ll need to download the latest version of the app.)
  2. Select Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS to invite your friends to Cricket.
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What is the Cricket Wireless Refer A Friend Program?

The Refer a Friend program is designed to reward you for motivating your friends to become a Cricket Wireless customer and enroll in Cricket Rewards.

How does the Cricket Wireless Refer A Friend Program work?

You can earn a $25 credit for each friend you convince to switch to Cricket or sign up for service and enroll their number into Cricket Rewards. Your friend can receive a $25 credit for signing up, too. Just share your unique referral link, and when any friend signs up for Cricket Rewards using your link and activates Cricket Wireless service, you both get rewarded!

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DogBuddy Coupon Code: Get £10 Off On Your Booking

DogBuddy Dogsitter App

Looking for a DogBuddy coupon code to apply at DogBuddy? Here is the coupon that gives you £10 OFF. Get started with DogBuddy today and save money with coupon! This coupon is good for £10 Off on your booking at Dogbuddy for any kind of service requested: sitting, walking, dog day care, boarding, etc.

DogBuddy Coupon Code For £10 Off

DogBuddy Dogsitter App

This is what DogBuddy and its awesome dog walking and dog sitting business model is.

We’re here to make home dog boarding a walk in the park. When you head off on your next break, why not treat your furry friend to a little holiday of their own? With home dog boarding, you can discover a perfect home away from home for your pet, leaving them in the capable and caring hands of an experienced dog lover.

Rather than leaving your four-legged friend in a caged kennel – which can be stressful for you and your pooch – home dog boarding means that your dog will spend their time in a comfortable and cosy house, in great company. Who knows – they may even make a canine companion if your dog sitter has a dog of their own! If your pet prefers their home comforts, many of our dog sitters are willing to keep your pooch company at your house rather than theirs. Just check out the profiles of the dog sitters offering home dog boarding in your area to find out what’s on offer, to develop a trusting relationship with a dedicated, reliable dog sitter near you.

All of the dog lovers offering home dog boarding in the UK are rated and reviewed by other dog owners, plus they’re all vetted by DogBuddy too, so you can be sure your four-legged friend will be well looked after and get all of the attention and love they need while you’re away.

To Use DogBuddy

dogbuddy coupon code: Search for walkers or sitters

dogbuddy coupon code: Find your dogsitter

dogbuddy coupon code: Book and pay online

DogBuddy Promo Code For £10 Discount

Dog Buddy jobs are readily available if you want to sign up as a sitter yourself. All the Dog Buddy reviews on the internet are praiseworthy with all the customers and dog sitters happy. It is Uber for babysitting dogs! If you want your dog to be taken care of while you are unavailable, here is the coupon code that will give you £10 OFF on your first booking at DogBuddy. Feel free to share it with your friends too, so they will be able to save money as well. Do not pay full price when you can use coupon for dog buddy and get discount right away.

You might have to download and install the Dog buddy app and create a Dog buddy account. Just know that DogBuddy is a verified business and used by many dog owners and sitters alike. It’s unique selling points include:

  • Receive free photo, video and GPS tracked ‘walkies’ updates of your dog enjoying themselves in the safety of your sitter’s care.
  • For added peace of mind, all bookings are covered by our £1.7M public liability and £2,000 vet insurance policies.
  • And just in case they need a helping hand, sitters can easily contact our 24/7 emergency vet care line for additional expert advice.

Now on to you. What do you feel about dog sitting and walking business like Dog Buddy? Did you try our DogBuddy coupon code yet? Do you own a dog yourself? If so, have you used DogBuddy lately? Please share your experiences in the comment section below.

35% OFF LiquidWeb VPS Promo Code!

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It can’t be said enough: MILLISECONDS MATTER, and Liquid Web clearly gets that. Liquidweb has some of the fastest services in the web hosting domain. The reason why they dropped their shared hosting package is because they specialize in higher end (and hence pricey) services. Make no mistake though. Although the packages look pricey they are very well justified. If you compare LiquidWeb with Media Temple and WP Engine, Liquid Web has more diverse service to cater to customers depending on their hosting needs. On top of that, Liquid Web is relatively cheaper as well.

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If you use this coupon, you will get 35% instant discount on any VPS package bought at Liquid Web. That is a great deal because these are managed VPS hosting with SSD & greatest cloud features. They can be scaled with growing or diminishing needs and demand of your website or app.

LiquidWeb Promo Code
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The VPS package is also known as Cloud Hosting package and it is great for business, e-commerce sites and apps. They also have easy scalability for server resources the moment you need them! In case you were wondering how your app was doing, Liquid Web provides real-time monitoring and 100% uptime guarantee so that your business stays running!

Liquidweb VPS coupon

The customer support at LiquidWeb is top notch as well. Look at reviews on the internet! Liquid Web’s heroic support team has been known to be very helpful by all the customers who chose to give feedback on public forums. I feel that Liquid Web is a great web hosting service. If my website grows I might get the VPS package from them. The goal of writing this blog post is to share the coupon I have for Liquid Web. This particular promo code will get you 35% discount on the Cloud Hosting VPS packages. Click the coupon link and it will activate the offer by taking you to special page on Liquid Web’s website. The discounted price will be displayed there. Select the VPS plan you need and proceed to check out as usual. You will get the discount on the total price. Feel free to purchase for annual or more plans so you can get massive discount on the entire price of multiple years and not just few months.

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