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What is HomeDNA?

Empowering you with valuable information contained in your own DNA.

HomeDNA makes easy, at-home genetic testing accessible and affordable. Whether exploring your family ancestry, taking the guesswork out of skincare, or better managing your weight, HomeDNA provides the answers you seek. Gain new insights into yourself, improve your quality of life, and have fun making new discoveries. You’re busy—we get it—that’s why you can find HomeDNA™ at a store near you or buy online 24/7 with Free Shipping all the time. Collecting your DNA is so easy—just use a simple cheek swab, drop in a mailbox (the postage is on us, of course), and we’ll take care of the rest. Our laboratory team (yes, we really are the lab, unlike other DNA companies) will email you when your sample arrives. We also notify you when results are posted to your secure online account. Worried about your private information? Don’t be—we never (ever, ever) sell your DNA results to third parties, and we destroy your DNA sample (unlike others that store it forever). Test assured and rest assured with HomeDNA.

Products offered by HomeDNA

These are the services offered by HomeDNAHomeDNA Healthy Weight

Use the knowledge of genetics to maintain a healthy weight.

HomeDNA Skin Care

Use the knowledge of genetics to better care for your skin.

HomeDNA Ancestry

Pinpoint your ancestry and find out where you belong on the map of the world. Results are very accurate and can point out to specific village or town. See more about their proprietary GPS origins below.

HomeDNA Paternity

Get paternity tests result within 1 day! DNA kits are provided and shipping is already covered.

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About GPS Origins

GPS Origins is a revolutionary DNA test for ancestry that takes you deep into your family history. Most ancestry tests provide a report of your “ethnicity” and locate parts of your DNA in broad continental sweeps, but nothing specific, not even to the country level. GPS Origins combines the latest genetic research with a new ancestral tracking technique to pinpoint more precisely where your DNA began. From a simple mouth swab, the GPS Origins test analyzes over 800,000 markers from your DNA to pinpoint your maternal and paternal origins.

What Makes GPS Origins Unique?

The ability to trace a person’s DNA signature going back 1,000 years or more. The DNA migration routes for both the paternal and maternal ancestors. A level of specificity that no other ancestry test can replicate: Results provide pinpoint geographical-location information – sometimes to within a radius of 20 miles – by identifying genetic coordinates, much like a car’s navigation system Knowledge about previously-unknown geographical areas in a person’s DNA history, which opens up new possibilities for genealogical research. A personalized report that: identifies the gene pools and ancestral communities that contributed significant portions of a person’s genetic make-up, detailed stories about where and how a person’s ancestors lived, interactive migration-route maps for a person’s DNA, including date stamps and historical events.

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