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Miss Hosting dedicated servers

Miss Hosting offers a variety of hosting options such as traditional Web Hosting, Domain Registration, VPS, Dedicated Servers and Local Hosting. Via their sister site Miss Domain they also offer Scandinavia’s largest domain auction and can register domains worldwide.

Price: Basic Member $1.25 per month | Professional Member $2.50 per month | Ultimate Member $3.75 per month
*all plans must be paid in advance for at least 1 year

Miss Hosting Coupon

Customer satisfaction is a priority and Miss Hosting has a great support department where they offer their clients personal contact and benefits like free (hosting provider) move. With offices and servers located in both the US and in Europe, Miss Hosting can offer their clients a secure solution wherever you are based in the world.

Web hosting plays a pivotal role in the success of any business on the internet. That’s why you must be extra vigilant during the process of host selection. Truth be told, most of the hosting companies aren’t providing the service that matches their brand name. I have seen several bloggers with hosting related complaints. So I set out for getting a perfect host. And recently, I have come across a web hosting which on the first glance, seemed to be worthy. So I am going to review them in order to find out it is good or not.

Miss Hosting promo code

About Miss Hosting

Miss Hosting is a growing hosting company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with another office in Hollywood, Florida. One of its popular services is affordable cloud-based shared hosting. It will take a little time before Miss Hosting establishes itself in the area of competitive web hosting. They have been hard at work and dedicated to increasing their level of support, service and training. They are based in Sweden/Europe and their focus has been to serve the European market so their support has not been available for the rest of the global time zones. They are hoping to make their support available 24/7.

Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) with Miss Hosting

With Miss Hosting’s Cloud VPS, you have total control over your server environment. You can buy IP addresses from over 114 c-nets from any country in the world. We also offer free migration of your sites when moving from your current host over to us!

Miss Hosting cloud VPS plans

Dedicated Server Solutions

Linux, Unix and Windows based Dedicated Server SEO Hosting Solutions are available at Miss Hosting. Dedicated server hosting offers more control and flexibility. Dedicated server hosting performs better. You are not limited to the types of software that you are allowed to run Offers the best performance a website can have. Not susceptible to system crashes or resource starvation caused by other server users. Root/administrator access, which allows you to install programs and perform custom program configurations.

Miss Hosting dedicated servers

Benefits Of Choosing Miss Hosting

Uses cloud hosting as opposed to the alternative of utilizing a single server.

Support personnel is bilingual in Swedish and English.

Low monthly rates starting at $1.25 per month for web hosting for the basic membership.

Has a 45-day money back guarantee! Most companies provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

Drawbacks Of Choosing Miss Hosting

They are a new company. There is not much information available on the website other than sign-up.

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