Findster Duo Pet Tracker: Coupon and Free worldwide shipping

Findster Duo+ is the GPS Pet Tracker free of monthly fees for dogs and cats! Get 20% OFF on your purchase of Findster Duo+ with our Findster coupon.

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findster couponToday in our product review series, we have decided to go in depth about a unique GPS pet tracker called Findster Duo+ that is one-time-pay, use-forever device. It doesn’t even need SIM card or cell network. Once purchased, the operational cost is $0 because Findster doesn’t have subscription model like other pet trackers. We are also giving you a Findster coupon code GET20 to apply on your purchase that will get you 20% discount on your total order. Click the link mentioned at the top of this post to activate the offer. Then use the code if the discount does not apply automatically.

Findster Duo Plus review

This video from Findster shall give a good idea about the pet tracker and its smartphone app.

Findster Duo+ tracking system has 2 gadgets: the pet module and the guardian module. The pet module is the yellow device that goes on your pet’s collar. It has GPS that allows it to be tracked by the guardian module using MAZE technology. The guardian module can be kept inside pocket. It wirelessly connects to your smartphone, which is capable of converting the data your pet’s module is sending out to the Findster Duo’s GPS satellite network, into a visual map.

The two modules (pet and guardian) communicate with each other using Findster’s MAZE technology. That is why the DUO+ does not depend on traditional cellular network and SIM cards. The Findster Duo is also compatible with both iPhone and Android. Regardless what type of phone you have, you can use the device. Multiple modules are easily integrated, allowing you to monitor up to 5 different pets at one time.

Simply put: there are no monthly fees, we pay one time and use it forever, no SIM card or cell coverage needed, can be used even if you’re completely off-the-grid. Works in every country From US to Japan. AND you get 20% Findster coupon on your order, WITH free worldwide shipping! So definitely do not forget to use that Findster promo code when you are ordering Duo+ devices for your pets.

Findster GPS Pet Tracker

Findster duo coupon codeWhen you decide to buy Findster Duo, definitely apply Findster coupon code XMAS20 on your purchase to get 20% Off. If you use the link mentioned at the top of this post, it will directly take you to the page with the 20% discount offer. This coupon code also is eligible for free worldwide shipping. Findster is providing worldwide shipping at no cost for a limited time. Now is the best time to order the pet tracking kit for your cats and dogs.

How exactly does Findster Duo+ work?

Findster Duo rangeThere are 2 modules, one for your furry friend and another for you.
Using our MAZE technology, they can communicate wirelessly in a radius of up to 3 miles (4.8 km).
Using the Findster App, you can check your pet’s location in real time without the need for cell coverage or any monthly fees.
Findster Duo+ works anywhere – so whether you’re taking your pet on a quick walk or exploring no man’s land, it’s your buddy’s ideal companion!


Real-time Tracking – Track your pets’ location in real-time with ease.
History – Revisit your walks and past locations.
Pet Activity Tracker – Access key data and information to assure your pets’ daily needs are met.
Leaderboards – View your buddy’s stats and compare them with other pets in various categories.
Badges – Earn badges by reaching milestones and competing against other users.
Radar – A built-in Radar shows your distance from your dog or cat.
Fences – Define a safe area around your dog or cat’s position on the map and Findster Duo will immediately notify you if your pets leave that space.
Interconnectivity – Share access to your pets with other authorized people, like family and friends.

Findster duo+ technical specifications

Weight 0.74 oz (21 grams)
Shockproof Tougher than your old Nokia 3310
Waterproof Immersion up to 3 ft (1 m) depth
Rechargeable battery Up to 5 days (depending on use case)
Communication range Up to 3 miles (4.8 km)
High precision GPS Average error: 5 – 10 ft (1.5 – 3 m)
RGB LED Night mode included
Smartphone APP iPhone 5+ iOS 9+ Android 5.0+

Available Discount on Findster Duo+

1 Pet Tracker: $149.99, $119 with coupon

2 Pet Trackers: $199.99, $159 with coupon

3 Pet Trackers: $249.99, $199 with coupon

Includes: 1 Pet Module, 1 Charger, 1 Guardian Module. Perfect for you and your best friend.

Is Findster Duo plus worth it?

That question is for you to ask. In my opinion, Findster Duo+ is the most engaging and cost efficient pet tracker in the market. The company started with humble beginnings on Kickstarter where many pet owners and non-owners alike loved their idea and supported them financially and otherwise to make the product a reality. The much polished version years later is the Findster Duo+ which has more battery power, more strength and durability. The smartphone app is cool as well as functional. Pet lovers are going to love this product that it is worth every dime. We wholeheartedly recommend Findster Duo+ to anyone who is in the market looking for pet trackers.

Don’t forget that you get 20% Off discount as well as free worldwide shipping when you apply the Findster coupon in this post. Happy pet(-ing)!


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