Domain Guide: How And Where To Buy Domain For Your Website

So you want to start a blog? Where and how should you choose a domain name?

As far as possible, go for a .COM domain.
Keep it simple. is better than
If you care about branding, people should be able to remember your domain name after few visits. Sometimes a play of word is wise too! Like Tumblr ūüôā

While buying domains:
Use coupons! Regular price maybe as high as $15/year but if you use coupon codes or promo offers, the same domain costs $0.99/year or a few bucks.
Do remember that coupons will only be for the first year. From second year onward, renewing the domains will be ~ $13/year.
You can buy a domain for 1 year, try your best to make a good website, and if it fails, do not renew it. If you don’t renew, you’ll not be charged. Set¬†the auto-renew option to off.

Where to buy the domain from?
GoDaddy is pretty good with domains. You can do a simple Google search for more. Namecheap is another good alternative for buying domains. GoDaddy offers coupons therefore it will be the cheapest to buy domains from them and update nameservers to point it to whichever web hosting service it is that you are using.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend GoDaddy for hosting though. Dreamhost, Flywheel or MediaTemple (suited for heavy WordPress¬†website) should be some good choices for web hosting. However you can also start hosting on free web hosts if you want. Once your website becomes big and starts to slow down, you can then upgrade the hosting plan or move to more premium web hosts.

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